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« The Gille going topsy-turvy»

Du 06-02-2013 au 09-03-2014

From 06.02.2013 to 09.03.2014 the international Carnival and Mask Museum presents the exhibition “The Gille going topsy-turvy” (Le Gille sens dessus dessous). It deals with the Gille, the principal character of the Binche carnival.

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« The craftsmen and craftswomen of the Gille »

Du 06-06-2014 au 09-11-2014

« The craftsmen and craftswomen of the Gille », photographs by Bénédicte Thomas

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"An upside-down world: Carnivals and masquerades of Europe and the Mediterranean"

Du 25-01-2015 au 28-06-2015

Rural masquerades and urban parades of Europe and the Mediterranean seen from a completely new angle.

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"40 years. Already? Only 40!"

Du 28-11-2015 au 01-05-2016

Until 1st May 2016: anniversary exhibition: "40 years. Already? Only 40!"

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