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“Face à face, le masque dans la bande dessinée” - “Face to face, the mask in comic strips”

Du 16-06-2007 au 06-04-2008

The mask in comic strips”

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“(Agri)-culture(s), when agriculture unmasks culture”.

Du 23-10-2010 au 09-03-2011

Financed by the international Fund for Agricultural Development in collaboration with the NGO’s ACRA and UCODEP and the Luigi Pigorini Museum (Rome, Italy)

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“Jean Winance. Binche – Tournai. Entre aller et retour”

Du 18-05-2011 au 19-06-2011

The works of Jean Winance. In collaboration with the Maison de la Culture of Tournai. The exhibition was made possible by donations from Alain Winance.

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“Samba etc. Carnivals of Brazil”

Du 29-10-2011 au 18-03-2012

The exhibition “Samba etc. Carnivals of Brazil”, organised on the occasion of the europalia.brasil festival, invites you on a journey to the heart of the carnivals of Brazil.

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"European masks. A living heritage"

Le 11-04-2013

In September 2010 the Mask Museum gave the starting signal for a European project entitled “Immask. Museums and intangible heritage. Focus on European masking traditions” (Cultural programme 2007 – 2013).

Over two years workshops were organised at our partner institutions. The project reaches its climax with the exhibition “European masks. A living heritage” which is organised at the Mask Museum

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