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"Healing - Bewitching" ("Guérir - Ensorceler") - extension (prolongation)

Du 09-08-2018 au 23-09-2018

Exhibition "Bewitch-Healing"


The exhibition "Ensorceler-Heal" will take you on a journey
between two worlds, that of the visible and the invisible, the tangible and
intangible, real and supernatural. The works presented,
from the mask to the ritual knife through the "fetishes" and others
Shamanic objects echo the universal character of a duality
inherent in the conception of the world in the majority of
cultures: Good and Evil.

The beneficial magic and evil sorcery are intimately linked to
protection power of the individual. The route of the exhibition
will be punctuated with many magical and mystical objects and
will address three main themes: healing,
the evil spell and the divination

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