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The Gille will be presented according to four themes which are themselves dealt with from two different perspectives which are diametrically opposed – however, by taking a closer look, this antagonism might turn out to be quite relative. The four themes are: the history of the Gille, the Gille, the image of the Gille and the Gille in art. The two perspectives are, on the one hand, the official and expected one and, on the other hand, the surprising, funny or scandalous one which has never been shown before. The exhibition presents the history of the Gille and some exceptions which have brought about certain rules which today have become absolutely binding; it shows the Gille today, in Binche but also elsewhere; it deals with communication linked to carnival and advertising campaigns using and abusing the image of the Gille and, finally, the exhibition presents objects of art which give the Gille the status of an icon. Among the artists whose works are presented are Jean Winance, Albert Chavepeyer, Edmond Dubrunfaut, but also Serge Poliart, Pierre Alechinsky, Sara Conti, Pierre Kroll etc.
The exhibition also includes two games for small and bigger children…The winners receive a reproduction of caricatures by Pierre Kroll!