Expositions • Permanent exhibitions  

The visitor is introduced to the functions of a museum, but also discovers those of the mask, explores its many shapes and materials and enters the universe of very important traditions which have to be safeguarded.

The public is also given the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the carnival of Binche, to discover the work of the craftsmen as well as lesser known aspects of this unique carnival recognised by Unesco in 2003. Photographs and films make you experience Shrovetide in Binche in a lively manner.

The last gallery, located opposite the space where the workshops take place, presents a small temporary exhibition which is based on the exhibition for adults. In this way, the children travel to distant countries, just like the adults, and can find inspiration for their creations during the holiday activities, the birthday parties or workshops.

A whole bunch of activities which, even if the children learn by playing, makes them familiar with other cultures…It is by knowing better other people that you get to know yourself.