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Having been despised for a long time by the intellectuals for whom they were no more than an entertainment for children, comic strips are nowadays recognised by everybody and are part of our cultural universe. The mask, as well – and this similarity is amazing – has only aroused quite late the interest of the researchers and fascinated collectors. This is the reason why the international Carnival and Mask Museum presents “Face to face, the mask in comic strips”.
A mask always carries symbols, culture and history… The authors of comic strips have known this for a long time, have often integrated it in their stories and are fond of using it to take the readers with them on ways only familiar to themselves.
It often happens that a mask, which sometimes is the driving force of the action, enriches the scenario after careful documentary research in order to assure a certain credibility. In this way, the story becomes even more extraordinary.
A comic strip can do miracles: it can blow into the brains of its readers a storm of imaginary coming into being only on the basis of several comic strip pictures drawn one after another on a piece of paper. And if the venture is a success, the reader will unmask himself…