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To start with, you will meet with the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro and the clichés connected with them, like the feathered female dancers and the gigantic floats. Then you will learn all about the blocos roaming around the streets of the big cities of Brazil and about the carnivals of Pernambuco and Bahia which are probably lesser-known. The exhibition illustrates the richness and diversity of the celebrations of the “Carnival Country”, which are the result of big and small stories and are real explosions of joy and pleasure.

The exhibition “Samba etc.” is a project jointly elaborated by the international Carnival and Mask Museum and its partner, since 2008, the Carnival Reference Centre (University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, UERJ), directed by Felipe Ferreira. Its creation is thus, again, based on stories of people meeting each other, of affinities and discoveries. In 2011, Felipe Ferreira welcomed the Museum – more precisely, two of its collaborators – during his carnival for a visit full of discoveries, meetings and delight. We will tell you all about it, through the eyes of artists from Brazil and elsewhere.

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, the Museum organises on 29 October from 2 p.m. an “afternoon of discoveries”. Everybody, adults and children, specialists and novices, are invited to discover the Brazilian carnivals through a visit to the exhibition and various meetings with scientists and artists, all of them actively participating in carnival; there are also workshops for children aged from 6 years upwards.

Apropos workshops: there are brand new workshops at the Museum. “From Amazonia to the carnivals of Brazil: about masks and headdresses” leads the children by the hand and initiates them to the ancestral traditions of the ethnical groups of the Amazon forest as well as to the sambas of the Brazilian carnivals.

On the occasion of the vernissage of the exhibition on 28 October and the “afternoon of discoveries” on 29 October will also take place the first worldwide presentation of the book Artesãos da Sapucaί by André Nazareth and Carlos Feijo who both exhibit their works within the framework of “Samba etc.”.

Once again, the Mask Museum is very proud to have been given the opportunity to participate in the rich and prestigious europalia.brasil festival which organises events both in Belgium and in other countries. The Museum is also very pleased to welcome within the framework of this exhibition its old and new friends from Brazil.