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For 40 years, the successive founders, curators and directors of the museum have constantly busied themselves with preserving witnesses of numerous masked festivals and carnivals in Europe and around the world. The exhibition “40 years. Already? Only 40! " gives an opportunity to show the public the work accomplished since the creation of the first European collection whose starting point was the Binche carnival.

Exhibition layout
- The history of the building
A number of old photos invite the visitor to immerse into the past of a building which was a place of daily life, of education and finally a museum. The visitor will also discover the modifications that the building has undergone over the years.
- The history of the institution
This section narrates the institution’s history in the form of a timeline containing 40 exhibition posters, photos of events and newspaper cuttings.
- The history of the collections
Given the fact that today the museum possesses about 30.000 objects (masks, costumes, puppets, accessories and musical instruments), presenting 40 years of acquisition is difficult or rather impossible. For this reason the museum decided to have made 40 “special” photos of masks which give the visitor the opportunity to take a different look at the mask thanks to the artistic approach of the photographer.

Around the exhibition
Publication: “40 years. Already? Only 40! »
Publication produced in collaboration with Frédéric Ansion.
It spotlights the work of 4 decades. For the first time, 40 exhibition posters, 40 masterpieces of the museum’s collection and 40 so far unpublished photos of the Binche carnival and of important events of our museum are published in one single volume.

No. of pages: 88
Sales price: 12,50 €

"40 years. Already? Only 40!"