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The Vonpischmeyer Collection


Plastic sculptures by Olivier Goka


From 24 June to 10 September 2017


The Vonpischmeyer Collection is a “genuine fake” collection set up by an imaginary explorer and collector – Léopold Vonpischmeyer – the objets of which were assembled by a genuine artist – Olivier Goka. He draws his inspiration from contemporary African art works and invites us on a journey through history, forms and materials and at the same time questions recycling and the limits between art and design.


Let yourself be surprised by these original creations inspired by contemporary African art works. The plastic sculptures which are exclusively made from recycled materials deal in an original manner with the way how objects of daily use are recovered by the artistic practice.


Between genuine and fake, between ecology and creation, the visitor risks to lose track of time during his visit to the exhibition.


Being particularly amusing, the exhibition is also easily accessible to children. A brochure with games and things to discover around “The Collection” is available for free at the Museum’s reception. It allows children to playfully discover contemporary art.


“The Vonpischmeyer Collection” is organized within the framework of the 11th edition of the ARTour biennial  - Contemporary Art and Heritage.