Exhibitions •  Europalia festival 2017  

Leather gods‭, ‬wooden heroes


Discover Indonesia through its mask and puppet theatre practices‭.‬

10 11 ’17 - 11 03 ’18

Within the framework of the‭ ‬Europalia‭ ‬festival 2017‭ ‬the international‭ ‬Carnival and Mask Museum has decided to show the cultural richness of the Indonesian archipelago through its theatre practices‭.‬

The exhibition‭ ‬“Leather gods‭, ‬wooden heroes”‭ ‬invites you on a fascinating journey to the islands of Java and Bali which will lead you from the‭ ‬Wayang Kulit‭ ‬shadow theatre via the masked dances to the‭ ‬Wayang Golek‭ ‬puppet theatre‭. ‬This theatre culture is a clever mix of reinterpretations‭, ‬adaptations and creations closely connected with diverse Hindu‭, ‬Buddhist‭, ‬Islamic and European influences which have marked the country’s history‭.‬

The exhibition presents about hundred objects of which around thirty come from the museum’s collections and the rest from the private collection of Claude Lavallé who is passionate about Indonesian puppets and masks and who worked at the national Museum of Jakarta for ten years‭.‬