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 MÜM in a few words

The story really begins in 1975 when Samuël Glotz inaugurates a museum juxtaposing European masked traditions: the similarities between them are indeed striking, but so is the cultural diversity reflected by them. Since then, the Museum's collections have been continuously enlarged. Today it preserves about 10 000 masks and costumes (as well as, for example, ritual objects and accessories used in festivals, musical instruments, puppets, posters). It shows the multiple faces of the mask: from the mask in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and America as well as the carnival mask, the theatre mask or the ritual mask to the archaeological, the old and the contemporary mask.

The Mask Museum has widely spread activities: permanent and temporary exhibitions (at the museum or in other places), publications, pedagogical activities (including holiday workshops and birthday parties), a documentation centre etc.


Binche, Cité des Gilles On 01-12-2018 Lovers of old documents, don’t miss the projection of « Binche, Cité des Gilles” on Saturday, 1 December at 5 p.m. It is an award-winning film (in French) directed by the doctor Jacques Henry at the end of the 1950s. Duration: 34 minutes. It succinctly describes the town and its heritage and shows the carnival of that time. The projection will be followed by testimonies by the different actors of our great tradition. Free entry.


Exhibition "Bewitch-Healing" EXTENSION UNTIL SEPTEMBER 23, 2018 The exhibition "Ensorceler-Heal" will take you on a journey between two worlds, that of the visible and the invisible, the tangible and intangible, real and supernatural. The works presented, from the mask to the ritual knife through the "fetishes" and others Shamanic objects echo the universal character of a duality inherent in the conception of the world in the majority of cultures: Good and Evil. The beneficial magic and evil sorcery are intimately linked to protection power of the individual. The route of the exhibition will be punctuated with many magical and mystical objects and will address three main themes: healing, the evil spell and the divination