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The Interpretation Centre on the Carnival of Binche

This section invites the visitor to immerse himself in the fantastic world of a unique folklore recognized by Unesco as Intangible Cultural heritage of Humanity in 2003.

This Interpretation Centre is different from a classical museum gallery. It gives you the opportunity to discover the Carnival of Binche, its history, its actors, its customs and traditions by means of an immersive and multi-sensory experience.

This recently created interactive tour features the most beautiful pieces of the Museum’s collections, archive images and testimonies never presented before, photographs, sound installations as well as videos.

The many different sources presented in the exhibition rooms show the historical development of this Carnival, the unique know-how involved, its particular calendar, but also the role of the women, the children, the Gille and the other emblematic characters of this folklore.

Finally, this section illustrates the complexity of the Binche Carnival. Indeed, it attracts each year several tens of thousands of visitors, but it is actually celebrated within the family circle. It is at the heart of the town’s identity.