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Online collection

In order to become accessible to as many people as possible, the Museum is working on making its collections available online. However, due to their volume, the digitalisation process has to take place in several phases and by stages.

In spring 2020, a first 3D-digitalisation campain was launched within the framework of the Pep’s plan of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels. This plan aims at the same time at the preservation and the promotion of the cultural heritage of the French community of Belgium.

This first campaign, accessible on the website www.numeriques.be, concerns the 80 items belonging to the Federation and preserved in our Museum.

It should be noted that a second 3D-digitalisation campaign is scheduled shortly. It will include about 200 key pieces of our collections.

Visite virtuelle

Along with the digitalisation of the collections, the Museum is working on its virtual version.

In spring 2020, an augmented reality visit was created in association with the non-profiting organization Meta-Morphosis and MSW (Wallonian Region) within the framework of the project « Behind the Museum ».

This collaboration resulted in a virtual visit of the exhibition « Happy Heads » organised at the Museum in summer 2019 :


This visit was completed by a presentation of the storage rooms where our Asian collection is preserved and by several more general videos on the Museum :