» ABELAM – Facing the stars

ABELAM – Facing the stars

More than an exhibition ! Discover the masked ceremonies of Oceania through a completely new visual experience !

The Abelam, a people living in the North of Papua New Guinea, are known for the creation of exceptionally intense pictures. Their artistic production is in the centre of their cosmology. It is a real visual language which does without words.

The Abelam masks presented in this exhibition are shown for the first time in Belgium and belong to the exceptional collection of Marc Assayag, a Canadian gallerist. He is the author of an amazing book entitled « The stars are eyes » which reveals the multiple facets of the Abelam masks.

Through a particularly original scenography combining mirror effects and optical illusions, shadow and light, this exhibition offers a completely new, playful and interactive visual experience as well as a new look at the perception of masking practices.

ABELAM – Facing the stars
Temporary exhibition