» The piece of the month : Teotihuacan Mask

The piece of the month : Teotihuacan Mask

The site of Teotihuacan, meaning «  the place were the gods are made » in the Nahuatl language, is located at more than 2000 metres height in the semi-arid highlands in the centre of Mexico. It was organized around a main North-South axis, the Avenue of the Dead. The latter was 5 kilometers long and flanked by the impressive pyramids of the Sun and of the Moon.


These stone masks, hundreds of which are kept in museums or private collections all over the world, are, just like the gigantic pyramids and temples along the Avenue of the Dead, symbols of the city and the culture of Teotihuacan.


Discover the fascinating story behind this treasure of our collection and download the scientific article on this mask from the impressive site of Teotihuacan.

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