» Contest “Precious breath” – the winners

Contest “Precious breath” – the winners

Alice Pietrantoni, who is studying in Roma, is the big winner of the international drawing contest organizdd this summer within the framework of the exhibition “Respiro prezioso” with her work “C-19. Light is behind every window”.

In parallel with the exhibition “Respiro prezioso” (Precious breath) held this summer at the Museum, the international Carnival and Mask Museum organized in collaboration with the Accademia delle Arti Orafe of Rome an international drawing contest on the topic of the sanitary mask.

The jury composed of art professionals met via video conference in order to designate the five winners who will have the honour to participate in a three-day workshop with the Italian designer Barbara Brocchi.

  1. Alice PETRANTONI (Italie)
    Light is behind every window
  2. Kim EUN JI (Corée)
    Freedom in the deep sea
  3. Hyeryeong JANG (Corée)
  4. Hyeon jae LEE (Corée)
    Adventures of honeybees
  5. Natia JAPARIDZE (Italie)
    Precious breath

Nominated unanimously, Alice Pietrantoni has won the contest with her work « C-19. Light is behind every window ». Since her early childhood she has been passionate about drawing and she holds a diploma of the Art School. She is currently studying jewellery design at the European Design Institute in Rome. In addition to her participation in the workshop she receives a cheque of an amount of 250€.